”We strive to provide clear understanding and actions that achieve real results with website design and SEO for local businesses. We support our clients every step of the way to help them reach their goals with confidence,”

Amped Marketing Agency is a Local Marketing Agency providing website design and SEO services for business owners in the Gold Coast area.

Founded by Richard Coleman in 2015, Amped Marketing Agency has helped dozens of companies and local businesses get results online that helped grow their businesses. Richard has worked with some well-known Australian companies through to local service providers and professional service businesses, producing significant results with revenue and reputation.

We will work with you to understand your business goals so we can design and implement the steps that will get results that matter to you. Through our experience, we know what works and how to apply that to your business online.

This will include reviewing your current status online, looking at what needs to be done to close that gaps and boost enquiries, booking and sales.

This will include website design, SEO and ongoing methods that will position your business at the top of Google searches.

We will work with you on a monthly basis to report the performance of your online efforts and maintain the work that’s required to support your business ongoing.

We will simplify the technical aspects of the work so you understand what it is we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it will benefit your business online.

We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and hardworking with everything we do.

You can get started today with a call to discuss your needs and look at how we can help your business grow and be successful online. We can conduct a full review of your business online and provide insights on how we can help.