Having a website today is essential in presenting a company and what it offers to potential customers online.

At first, it can seem like a daunting task when it’s decided that a website is required or a refreshed version is needed. Often, decision makers are unsure where to start, who to engage and what works best.

In this post find out why WordPress is the top choice in website design and development and how the platform will support your company’s online success.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source platform that allows users to design and develop high-quality websites. Users can change the style (look and feel) layout and implement functions that will enable visitors to find what they want, buy what they want and much more.

It allows users to set up a website for a wide range of purposes including the sharing of information, an e-commerce store, service bookings, blog publication and much more.

The platform is built for SEO (search engine optimisation) and supports how well the website will rank and be found by visitors searching for an answer.

Why should you choose it?

The platform is used by some of the biggest companies in the world. Simply put, it works.

There are many DIY website options available including WIX and GoDaddy that offer free and paid website building services.

The main concerns with these are you do not own them or have full control over the website. These companies can (and do) make changes as they please which can affect your website regarding search results, style and design which can damage how your business looks online.

A WordPress website is one hundred percent owned and controlled by your business.

Benefits of a WordPress Website

  • The ability to custom build and design a website – choose a theme or custom code a website to specific requirements.
  • Made for SEO features that allow you to optimise content and meet search engine compliance standards.
  • Stable – it’s supported and secure.
  • Ability to scale with different content types and onsite features as required.
  • Made for today – fast and responsive resizing for mobile devices. This design specification is critical in SEO and customer experience success.
  • Integrate with a mail list service and other third-party services.

How to start

It’s important to consider what your business goals and KPI’s are in developing a website. Just having one that looks nice is not enough.

Ask what do you need the website to produce? An increase in enquiries, bookings, sales? What metrics will be used to track its performance and track conversions against company KPI’s?

This planning will help in the development of the website across the design, user experience, features required and behind the scenes tracking and reporting systems.

You can start with a DIY approach to building a website. This approach will involve a steep learning curve and many hours of work. If you enjoy this type of work and have the time, go right ahead.
There are plenty of quality online resources to help you on your quest such as WP Beginner.

The second approach is employing a website designer to help you achieve this goal. The benefit is that these businesses have the experience and the resources to complete the project on time and develop a website that will produce the results your company requires. This investment can save a significant amount of time and money and start producing results faster.

WordPress Website Hosting

The website will need a place to be stored and managed.

We recommend choosing a service that offers a high-quality WordPress installation service that is supported and backed up 24/7. We use WP Engine they have been the best in our experience.

Ongoing maintenance should also be included in the management of the website to ensure its integrity. This provides for updates to security, the WordPress system, plugins and theme framework. This will help prevent hacking or broken features on the website.

Share Your Experience

Have you had experience in building a WordPress website or would like to know more about the development process? Share your experience or question here with us.