In this post, we will cover what Content Marketing is, how to use it to increase your presence online and attract more ideal Customers to your business.

Sharing this type of content will help position your local business as a specialist, answering the questions your Customers are searching for and improving your rank position on the Google and Bing search engines.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a low-cost, long-term strategic SEO approach that focuses on creating valuable and informative content designed to attract your customer audience and provide answers to their questions. Typically, this encourages them to engage with your business as the best solution provider.

There are a number of different types of content that can be used to achieve the desired outcome including blogs, checklists, video (more below) that provide a suitable means of communicating with your Customer audience.

Why You Need to Be Creating Content.

Your Customers are searching online for answers to their questions or concerns on a daily basis. Organic results or natural search results often outweigh paid ads with more trust and authenticity. Content that is shown to a searcher is based on the relevance to their search query as selected by the Google and Bing.

Websites that offer high quality and useful content over time will rank and attract Customers better than websites that neglect this strategy, ultimately increasing enquiries and sales opportunities.

What are the types of Content Marketing?

  • Blog posts.
  • Checklists.
  • Infographics.
  • Social Media Posts.
  • E-Books.
  • Templates.
  • Case Studies.
  • White Papers.
  • Video.
  • Interviews.

How and Where Do I Share Content Online?

It’s important to start writing content, adding articles and other tools on your business website. This gives you complete control over the content and how it’s sourced when you share it on other platforms.

The first step is to publish your content on the website to the public. This will provide large benefits to your SEO (Search Engine optimisation) efforts using the keywords you’ve chosen and help rank your website over time.

Once the post is published, you can now share it on your key social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. This can be done as follows:

  • Copy the URL (link address) for the post from your browser.
  • Go to the business social media account and paste the link as a new post.
  • Where able, you can choose an image to display on the post.
  • Add a short description of what the post is about on the social media post.
  • Publish the social media post live.

Some social media accounts like LinkedIn will allow you to recreate the post on this channel. This page provides a 6 Step Guide on how to do so.

How to Start Producing Good Content

There are some preparation steps that will help ensure that you have well written content, keywords or terms that people are searching for and the correct formatting that the search engines will pick up and rank.

The first step is to create a content planner of the topics, subject matter you want to create and share of the course of a year. This can be done using a spreadsheet adding in your chosen topics, what the focus keywords will be and the channels you will post on. You can use this planner to track and monitor the success of your content over time too.

How to choose good Keywords

Keywords or search terms are the back bone of good content. If the words are on the page, Google will find them, rank them in Customers searches to be discovered over time.

We have a longer process to complete this task that will be posted soon but, in the meantime, here’s a quick checklist on how to choose the right ones to get started:

  • Brainstorm a list of words you want to be found for, the obvious words and terms.
  • Include your business/company name.
  • Look at your competitors’ websites who rank well, what words are they using.
  • Consider suburb locations that you can use – town names.
  • Think about alternatives, plurals, hyphenated words, synonyms that people use.
  • Compile them into a spreadsheet to refer to as you go.

How to create a Blog post

The following section will provide a basic overview on how to create a blog post and get you started creating content online.

Download our FREE Blog Post Template Guide here and save or print it out. This will give you a simple step by step approach on how to write your next Blog post.

If you’re using WordPress to manage your website, you will be able to easily select a piece of text and format that to the right type to increase your SEO results. This will be picked up and read by Google and ‘indexed’ or added to their search library. Over time, the content will be seen by people who are searching for what you have created.

Over time writing posts will become easier and faster as your practice this important skill.

Share your experience with us

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