Digital Marketing Strategy

Getting your business found online is the number one priority for businesses today.

Consumer buying habits have and are changing faster than ever before.

How people look for an answer to their problem or a solution to fulfil their needs is moving more into 'micro moments' - finding an answer right now, on the go, or an urgent situation - we've all been there.

Having a website alone is not enough. There are a number of factors that decide whether or not your business will be found and provide the answer they need.

Knowing what to look for, what to do, how to maximise your results and increase enquiries or sales with your business can be difficult, time consuming and costly. That's where we come in.

The Growth Impact System

Everything we do and implement is designed to support your business goals and objectives. We will sequence a series of achievable steps to help gain quick wins and help communicate the work flow to all internal stakeholders.

Our 5 Step Process removes the technical overwhelm and provides visual results for your business online.

1. Snapshot and Evidence

We start by taking a snapshot of your current situation online and gathering up the evidence, so we know exactly what needs to be done.

This includes an audit of your current website, citations (online listings) and other configurations for your business. 

2. Make Corrections

We make all necessary changes to fix any issues, fill the gaps that are missing and obtain new opportunities that may have been overlooked.

In addition, we apply best practices to all of your digital assets to ensure a solid foundation online for your business. 

3. Boost Activity

Here we apply industry-best techniques that are designed to increase your search results and improve enquiry rates.

You're everywhere you're expected to be and when you're needed the most.

4. Measure and Report

Tracking and measuring what's important across your online marketing is the key to your success. We will provide you with relevant information for your business needs that you can use - not technical jargon.

 With this information, we can help you make data driven decisions based on facts and leverage opportunities to promote your business.

5. Growth Strategy

With everything in play and operational, we don't stop there and leave you on your own.

We can assist by providing strategies and practices to help grow your business online and become the local choice into the future.

To take action, contact us today.