data driven marketing

Data Driven Marketing for Local Business

Having invested time and money in developing your website, you want to ensure that it’s performing at its best and delivering the results you need.
This is where Data Driven Marketing comes in.

Tracking and measuring its performance over time will provide important insights into who your visitors are and how they use the website.

But, sometimes things can change. Fewer visitors to the website, customers not engaging with new page content and promotions, people are just not sticking around on your website anymore.

We can provide a customised Reporting Dashboard that can be viewed at any time, containing the metrics that matter to you.

This service includes a stack featuring well-known reporting tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, Hotjar wrapped up in one data studio for viewing purposes.

This will provide you with detailed information across performance, usability, ad success and allow us to deliver content that’s targeted for your users based on their location and much more.

We can also provide training on the reporting system and assist in translating the data and presenting the reports to your stakeholders.

To discuss your next project and needs, call us on 1300 636 835.

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We offer a customised reporting dashboard that provides all the important insights for your business.

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